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Seminyak is one of the most popular areas to stay in Bali. Overflowing with delicious restaurants, beach clubs, boutique shops, and beaches as well as being not too far from the Airport, it’s easy to see why. All this brings the crowds, so on the other side expect lots of people and busy streets. That’s not to say that you can’t find your little piece of tranquillity in Seminyak, and one of the best ways to do this is through the Seminyak accommodation that you choose. So where to stay in Seminyak? In our accommodation guide, you will find the best places to stay including our favourite resorts, luxury hotels, boutique hotels and villas, along with the best locations.


Where To Stay In Seminyak? Best Areas.

Seminyak Street Map

Here is a quick guide to help you decide what is the best area of Seminyak for you.

Seminyak sits in between Legian (in the south) and Canggu (in the north).

So you can get a better idea of the different areas of Seminyak, we will start in the southern end of Seminyak and work our way north. There are four main areas of Seminyak, including Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak Beach/Jalan Kayu Aya, Petitenget and Batu Belig. 

Jalan Camplung Tanduk

The southern area of Seminyak directly borders Legian, around the area of La Plancha beach bar, Double Six Beach and the street Jalan Camplung Tanduk. This area expectedly has slightly more of a ‘Legian’ vibe than other parts of Seminyak, which isn’t a bad thing, just different.

If travelling by taxi around Seminyak, it can mean you are more likely to get stuck in traffic and it will take longer to get around.

There are some beautiful hotels in this area, we loved our stays at Hotel Indigo Bali and Courtyard By Marriott Bali. A lot of accommodation options here are either on the beach or within walking distance. 

Seminyak Beach & Jalan Kayu Aya

Jalan Kayu Aya (otherwise known as Laksmana or eat street) is perhaps the main street in Seminyak. This busiest part of this street is located more inland and is lined with restaurants, cafes and boutique shops. The street then continues around near Seminyak beach, but this part of the street is quieter and home to some of the best luxury hotels in Seminyak like The Oberoi Beach Resort and The Legian. By the beach, you will also find Ku De Ta beach club and some cafes and restaurants like Sea Circus and Kim Soo.

The street Jalan Kayu Aya is what we would consider the heart of Seminyak. This is one of the best areas to stay in Seminyak if shopping is a priority, or you want easy access to lots of restaurants. This area can be quite busy with both people and traffic, but it also has a lot within walking distance. As it is quite central, you can also easily reach other areas of Seminyak. 


Petitenget is an area located in the north of Seminyak and has some great restaurants and boutique shops. We really like the vibe of this area, it still has a lot to offer but it feels a little more spread out and relaxed.

This is the area where you will find Petitenget Beach, Potato Head Beach Club and 5-star hotels like Alila Seminyak and W hotel. Petitenget is a great area if you want to stay close to the beach as well as near shops and restaurants.

Batu Belig

In the northernmost part of Seminyak, you will find the area of Batu Belig (along the street Jalan Batu Belig). This is the closest area to Canggu.

It’s away from the busiest parts of Seminyak, more chill, yet still has some dining options and Batu Belig Beach. It’s also the most remote if only getting around by foot or relying on taxis, but can still be an enjoyable area to stay in if that’s the case.

We would recommend staying in this area if you either have a scooter or don’t mind a lot of walking/getting taxis and are looking for something a little more laid-back and removed from central Seminyak.  

So What Is The Best Area Overall?

It’s really a personal preference, but for us, we think Petitinget is the best area to stay in Seminyak as it has a nice mix of boutique shops, delicious restaurants, the beach and beautiful hotels. We love the vibe of this area and it can feel more tranquil than other parts, although full disclosure, it is still very busy.

Otherwise, staying on Seminyak Beach is another great option, particularly if you are wanting most things within a short walk. 

Having said that, each area has its pros and cons and we have enjoyed staying in every area of Seminyak. 

How Long To Stay In Seminyak?

Some people come to Bali and only visit Seminyak or one destination, but we’d definitely recommend staying in at least two different areas to get to know Bali a little better.

With that being said, how long to stay in Seminyak really depends on the length of your Bali holiday. But as a guide, we would say staying two to three days in Seminyak is a good minimum.

If you choose to use Seminyak as a base to explore Bali, or just want to relax in one place, then we would recommend one week would as a minimum.

Booking Accommodation

We love using, it’s one of our favourite ways to book Seminyak accommodation and it has a great range of luxury resorts, boutique hotels and villas.


Airbnb tends to have a lot of villa options for Bali, so this is another good option if looking to stay in a villa. They often have discounts for stays of a week or more.

Seminyak Accommodation Guide

We have been lucky enough to experience lots of amazing hotels throughout Seminyak, but we haven’t stayed everywhere and want to make sure we are recommending the best. So the recommendations below are based on our favourites that we have stayed in, knowledge of Seminyak hotels and their specific locations, lots of research, reading reviews, hearing from you and putting this all together with our own experience.

So here are our picks for the best places to stay in Seminyak including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, villas and guesthouses.

Please note: Prices are per night and were accurate at the time of this post.

Splurge: The Best Luxury Accommodation In Seminyak

Alila Seminyak | $329 AUD | Check Prices

Alila Seminyak Bali

We are always blown away by how simply beautiful Alila hotels are, and we have loved staying with Alila in Ubud and Manggis. So, it came as no surprise to us that we absolutely fell in love with Alila Seminyak on a recent trip to Bali.

Alila Seminyak is definitely one of the best luxury hotels in Seminyak, located right on the beach. It’s extremely relaxing, the rooms feel luxurious but simple and cosy at the same time, and we could spend all day in their beautiful infinity pools. We love that the hotel was designed and built to minimise the environmental impact. 

Whether you stay here or somewhere else, Alila Seminyak is home to one of our favourite restaurants in Seminyak, Seasalt.

Read more about our stay at Alila Seminyak here.

Peppers Seminyak | $444 AUD | Check Prices

Peppers Seminyak

Peppers Seminyak is a villa/hotel hybrid, combining the best of both worlds. Here they have 48 private villas ranging from one to five bedrooms. On top of this, you also have access to their resort facilities such as a restaurant, gym, spa and outdoor pool (all villas have their own pool too).

We were blown away when we arrived and walked into our villa. We also loved having the privacy of our villa combined with the community feel of the resort facilities. 

Read more about our stay here.

W Hotel | $589 AUD | Check Prices
W Hotel Seminyak
Photo Credit: W Hotel

W Bali – Seminyak is a hotel we are yet to stay in, but an obvious pick to recommend. This luxurious resort is beautiful with a large pool area, bars, restaurants, uniquely designed rooms and great dining.

The Legian Seminyak | $676 AUD | Check Prices
The Legian bali
Photo Credit: The Legian Bali

A member of the Leading Hotels of the World, The Legian is an iconic hotel. But don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually in Seminyak. And it’s in a great location in Seminyak, right on the beach and also near shops, restaurants and beach clubs.

This 5-star resort has a stunning infinity pool by the beach and beautiful grounds. You can choose to stay in their luxurious suites or private pool villas. 

The Samaya | $640 AUD | Check Prices
The Samaya Seminyak
Photo Credit: The Samaya Seminyak

The Samaya is another 5-star hotel right on Seminyak beach and with shops, restaurants and beach clubs within walking distance. The Samaya is unique in that they only have private pool villas. They also have a great restaurant where you can sit almost on the beach.

The Oberoi Beach Resort | $489 AUD | Check Prices
The Oberoi Seminyak
Photo credit: The Oberoi

The Oberoi Beach Resort, is, as the name suggests, located right on Seminyak Beach. The grounds here are filled with beautiful lush tropical gardens and an outdoor pool overlooking the beach. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing stay.

Here you can choose to stay in thatched roof rooms or your own private villa. The traditional Balinese architecture throughout the resort is also a beautiful addition to your Balinese experience. 

Luxury Hotels For Less

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach | from $274 AUD | Check Prices

Secret Garden Pool Hotel Indigo Bali

We loved our stay at Hotel Indigo Bali. This beautiful hotel manages to feel both grand and like your own secret little escape all at the same time. The design is stunning.

The rooms start at 50 SQM, with a private balcony, seating areas and unique design touches throughout. There are also one and two-bedroom private pool villas available. 

We continued to find beautiful areas walking around the grounds throughout our stay, the secret garden pool is a favourite. The friendly staff were also a highlight of our stay. 

Read more about our stay here.

Potato Head Suites & Studios | from $296 AUD | Check Prices
Potato Head Suites & Studios
Photo credit: Potato Head Suites & Studios

Potato Head Suites & Studios (Katamama Suites rebranded) is located on the same grounds as one of Bali’s best beach clubs, Potato Head Beach Club.

Here you will find a beautiful design and an eco-friendly approach. The location is in one of the most convenient areas in Seminyak, close to everything you need and want.

Maca Villas & Spa | from $382 AUD | Check Prices
Maca Villas
Photo Credit: Maca Villas

We first discovered Maca Villas & Spa by visiting Ippolito Speciality Coffee which is located within the Mase Kitchen Restaurant, the restaurant linked to the Maca Villas & Spa. We loved our breakfast and coffee here, so that would be a nice addition to the beautiful villas. There is also a communal pool by the restaurant. 

Here you can stay in a one or two-bedroom private pool villa. You will have access to in-villa dining, a private butler service, a wellness centre and a free shuttle service within Seminyak.

Best Hotels In Seminyak For Under $200/night

Courtyard By Marriott Bali | from $175 AUD | Check Prices

Courtyard By Marriott Seminyak Beyond The Room Pool

Courtyard By Marriott Seminyak is a great hotel for groups of friends, young couples and families. It’s a really inviting and fun hotel, with a great pool area. Its location is within walking distance of the beach, and also to the main road where you will find many shops.

Read more about our stay here.

U Paasha | from $185 AUD | Check Prices

U Paasha Seminyak

We loved our stay at U Paasha, with a central location on Jalan Kayu Aya. The room felt open and spacious and there is a great rooftop pool.

We also thought their idea of 24-hour check-in/check-out times means you could really get the most out of your stay. Basically, if you check in at 6 pm you can check out at 6 pm.

Montigo Resorts Seminyak | from $157 AUD | Check Prices
Montigo Resorts Seminyak
Photo credit: Montigo Resorts Seminyak

Located near Potato Head Beach Club, Montigo Resorts is a nicely designed hotel in a convenient location.

Kanvaz Village Resort | from $171 AUD | Check Prices
Kanvaz Village
Photo credit: Kanvaz Village

This 4-star hotel is in a central location in Petitenget and comes well-reviewed. Here you will find an onsite restaurant, fitness centre and an outdoor swimming pool. 

Grand Mercure Bali Seminyak | from $166 AUD | Check Prices

The recently opened Grand Mercure Bali is located at the southern end of Seminyak, near Double-Six Beach. It offers great value for money for a 5-star hotel. Facilities include an outdoor pool, fitness centre and kids club. 

IZE Seminyak | from $123 AUD | Check Prices

IZE has a simple modern design and is in a great location, particularly for restaurants and shops.

Four Points by Sheraton Bali Seminyak | from $139 AUD | Check Prices

Located in a quieter part of Seminyak. A nicely designed hotel and rooms.

Amadea Resort & Villas | from $106 AUD | Check Prices

Although the rooms are quite simple, the location is great, particularly for access to food and shopping. It also comes quite well-reviewed.

The Salila Beach Resort | from $110 AUD | Check Prices

Located along Jalan Batu Belig, a little more removed from the central area, but within walking distance of Batu Belig Beach. This boutique hotel has a pool and an on-site restaurant. 

The Akasha Boutique Hotel | from $110 AUD | Check Prices

This 4-star hotel has a sun terrace and swimming pool and is within walking distance of Batu Belig beach.  

Hotels For Under $100/night

Lloyd’s Inn Bali | from $83 AUD | Check Prices

Lloyd’s Inn has a unique modern design and is located at the southern end.

Tijili Seminyak | from $68 AUD | Check Prices

Located towards the southern end, Tijili has a pool and an on-site restaurant. It is also within walking distance of Double-Six beach. 

Amerta Seminyak | from $58 AUD | Check Prices

Amerta is located in a central location near Seminyak Beach. Here you will find simple rooms, a swimming pool and breakfast available on-site. 

Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak | from $44 AUD | Check Prices

A super affordable hotel, with clean simple rooms in a convenient location.

We will continue to update this post with any new places we stay and love, to make sure we are recommending the best accommodation.

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What’s your favourite place to stay in Seminyak? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

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