Grand Hyatt Bali Unveils Luxurious Beach Cabanas

Nestled along the pristine stretch of the white sandy beach of Nusa Dua, Grand Hyatt Bali introduces a luxurious collection of cabanas on their beachfront, setting a new standard for leisure and relaxation at the popular resort. With plush seating, inviting amenities, and awe-inspiring views of the vast ocean, Grand Hyatt Bali’s new beach cabanas […]


Into the Mist in Munduk

Photo by Edward Speirs Mountain roads balance between the ridges that ascend into Bali’s central highlands, either hugged by sheer, fern-covered cliffs or opening to vast views of lowland scenes, objects shrinking with the distance: a thousand metres above sea level. These are the roads to Munduk, an alpine pocket where dewy rainforests and hidden […]


The Art of Writing on Lontar

Long before paper was considered a common writing medium, the ancient Balinese had a rather unique way to preserve their knowledge. They wrote on palm-leaf manuscripts, known locally as lontar. Nowadays, however, this unique form of writing has faced erosion. This is where Museum Pustaka Lontar (‘Lontar Library Museum’) emerges as a guardian, storing and […]