Places To Visit in Indonesia

A visit to any country demands time and money but if you do not visit the local markets, popular hubs, and tourists that are the reason behind the country’s charm and attraction, your trip will be incomplete. The local places in Indonesia allow you go on a shopping spree and learn many facts about the country. Let’s have a look at the local places to explore in Indonesia!

Pasar Gede Solo

Pasar Gede Solo is a famous local street for food lovers. We often hear people saying that you can decide the quality of your trip with the type of food you eat. This place is an absolute delight for the trip. You get Naci Pecel, Mie Pentil (Fried spicy noodles), Mie Goreng, Lumpi Goreng, Cendol (ice dessert), and Es Dawes. Many tourists come here to taste these dishes. 


People often pronounce it as “Jogja”. This is one of the most beautiful locations in Indonesia. You can locate this beautiful location in the proximity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Borobudur Temple. It has a wholesome experience like beaches, temples, museums, etc. 

Lok Baintain Floating Market 

You must have guessed the type of market from its name. Yes, it is a floating market of about 1 Kilometre. The lok baintain floating market has brought a lot of popularity to Indonesia. Tourists can get fresh fruits, vegetables, and other groceries in this market. You will also encounter many lady sellers over the boat throughout the day. 

Pasar Cibaduyut 

Indonesia has everything in the bucket for its tourists. If you love leather, Pasar Cibaduyut is a place you shouldn’t miss. This place is famous for its shoe collection and other leather products you wish to purchase. You not only get different shoes but different shades and designs. At last, you can also get customized shoes as per your requirements. 


There are many other markets and hotspots where you can get a taste of local culture and fashion like Ubud Traditional Art Market, Kodim Market, Bandung, Bangka Islands, etc. All the places mentioned above will get you to the core of the country. These local places give you an idea of how the country has evolved with time and seasons. Therefore, read and explore the local places with a whole heart.