Best Cocktail Bars in Ubud: A NOW! Bali Guide 2023

Whilst not exactly home to the same party scene as Seminyak and Canggu — we’ll take that as a good thing — the rise of Ubud’s food and beverage offerings has welcomed not only superb restaurants but also bars to match. But sifting through the long list of bars in Ubud can be confusing…

Nightlife in Ubud has stockpiles of fun bars with music and drinks, but for the more discerning drinker there are spots that take pride, and take time, in crafting the perfect cocktail. So, if you’re looking for the best cocktail bars in Ubud – more intimate, cosy and with a barman who knows his stuff – these Ubud venues should whet the palate nicely. Cheers to that.

Apéritif Bar


For those who have been to Apéritif Restaurant and Bar have experienced the decadence of this Bali fine dining venue. Housed in an impressive, all-white colonial building, both its façade and interiors channel a bygone era, the polished stylings of the 1920s and 30s. In one of the building’s wings, Aperitif Bar is its own little world: a sophisticated venue of dark woods and plush leather sofas, with a grand piano and snooker table adding to the already handsome ambience. Outside, an open deck looks out to an Ubud river valley — the Bali touch.

Head Mixologist Panji Wisrawan is a master behind the bar and lucky for him Aperitif is a venue where patrons are truly mindful of what’s in their glass, appreciating the thought and expertise that goes into each drink. The cocktail menu features all the classics, and twists of classics, like the Hotsy Totsy served with ‘popping’ bubbles.

The real signatures here are found in Panji’s own ‘Cocktail Anthology’, inspired by Bali in the 1930s: a renaissance period where a handful of visiting foreigners in that time became the chroniclers, the translators and the broadcasters of Bali to the world. Cocktails include ‘The Anthropologist’, named after Margaret Mead; ‘The Primitivist’, after Walter Spies; and a NOW! Bali favourite, ‘The Composer’, named after Colin McPhee, is made with caramelised pandan whiskey, recycled coffee incense, mezcal Joven and fernet Branca. On certain nights, Aperitif Bar is also a great place to enjoy live music in Ubud.

Open daily from 4pm ’til late
+62 361 908 2777 | 


Taking over the location of the legendary Beggar’s Bush – a bar and resto in the ’70s frequented by travellers, bohemian artists and even celebrities like Mick Jagger and David Bowie – BOLICHE continues the legacy as one of the favourite bars in Ubud for both residents and visitors. Connected to Cantina Rooftop, an all-day rooftop eatery that looks out over Ubud’s iconic temple, Pura Gunung Lebah, BOLICHE is its nocturnal cousin: a late-night bar that has become a collective space celebrating music, art and creativity. It has secured a position as a local favourite when it comes to nightlife in Ubud.

Earlier in the evenings, the plush sofas and lounges make for a snug spot to drink and talk with friends, in the surrounds of eclectic accoutrements that give this spot its distinct character. BOLICHE’s bar highlights local ingredients in their artisanal cocktails, like ‘Toya Lalah’, made with green chilli infused Arak, lemon, basil, tonic, and salt; or ‘Kampung Mule’, made with vodka, red ginger, lemongrass, kemangi (lemon basil), lime and soda.

Favourites are given a twist too, like the ‘Bandido Old Fashioned’ made with El Jimador Tequila Reposado, agave, bitters, and flamed orange twist; and a refreshingly tangy daiquiri made with starfruit. Later in the evening, the stylish, soundproof venue fills up for underground music playing into the wee hours! If you’re looking for more than just a drink and fancy a party in Ubud, Boliche is a great bet.

Open on Thursday to Saturday (Walk-ins only) from 8pm ’til late



Perched at the very tip-top of the Ayung River valley, Ambar at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, boasts one of the most majestic locations to enjoy a tipple.

Meaning sky in Sanskrit, Ambar certainly lives up to its name, with a bird’s eye view of the Mandapa village below, that cascades down towards the surrounding forests. Recently revamped, Ambar welcomes guests into its casual dining space open to all with a beautiful outdoor deck — a picture-perfect spot to watch the sunset in Ubud.

This Ubud bar offers a curated menu of Japanese-Indonesian cuisine. Creations are inspired by indigenous ingredients from the surrounding forest and Japanese fine drinking that creates a modern and creative take on traditional herbs, fruits, and spices. The Fruits of the Forest menu features a selection of classic cocktails with unique twists and eclectic spirits that allows guests to sample variants of Gin & Tonic, Aged Coconut Cocktails, and Mini Snacquiri flights.

The Canopy Collection menu consists of a list of unique spirits that are the specialty of Ambar and are constantly evolving to keep guests impressed. A diverse offering of international wines and curated local-market-influenced beers also adorn the selection of drinks to be enjoyed.

A favourite here is ‘Wantilan’, featuring Seagram’s vodka, lemongrass, kemangi, and passion fruit. Cocktails can also be made according to your tastes, whereas vodka can be substituted for gin, rum, or other alcoholic drinks according to taste. 

Open daily from 2pm to 10pm
+62 813 3910 1992 | | @ambaratmandapa 


KAWI is one of the newest cocktail bars in Ubud with a real focus on ingredients and flavour. This cosy 15-seater is a place for those looking to savour well-balanced cocktails in peace or have a private little tete-a-tete in an intimate space. The venue is moody and minimalist, like a clean, stripped-back cave, with spotlighting bringing focus to the most important thing in the room: your drink. 

KAWI, which means ‘poet’ in Sanskrit, highlights fresh produce and special ingredients from different parts of Bali in their cocktails. You’ll find ‘Pisang’, with arak from Tejakula infused with dried banana, fernet Branca and Balinese vanilla; and ‘Jeruk’, with gin infused with Kintamani tangerine, jasmine tea infused Campari. ‘Rice’ is more on the experimental side, featuring house-made spiced rice milk, tapé (fermented rice or cassava), sake and cincau grass jelly.

You’ll see jars of spirits being infused with local produce and ingredients behind the bar, a slow lab of sorts, where flavours are made at nature’s pace. Some natural wines by the bottle and locally-inspired snacks are also made available. These unique and somewhat experimental cocktails are enjoyed in the snug-yet-sophisticated space of KAWI, around the centre-piece bar or individual tables looking out to a warmly-lit, tropical back garden.

Open on Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm to 12am
+62 361 9086 528 | @kawiubud

Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop

Best Cocktail Bar in Ubud - Copper 1

Tucked within the upscale Bisma Eight boutique hotel, amidst the lush jungle surroundings of Ubud, cocktail connoisseurs can indulge in an exquisite dining and drinking experience at Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop, the only sunset rooftop bar in the Ubud town centre.

Copper reflects the very essence of Ubud, offering culinary experiences that are an authentic, ethical and inspired combination of the flavours that have consistently drawn people to Ubud. Serving up Asian, South American and West African cuisine, Copper incorporates locally grown and ethically sourced produce from their own earth-conscious farm in Tegallalang, Bali’s regional pastures, oceans and forests.

This is also incorporated into their beverage programme, which draws inspiration from the comprehensive approach of the old world using a combination of exotic and refined techniques of the past. Bar patrons can savour the invigorating concoctions from the Crafty Cocktails selection, such as the Grapefruit Punch (rum, peach liqueur, grapefruit juice, lemon juice), Bisma Garden (gin, garden fresh basil, lemon juice, soda, gomme), Rosita (rose-infused vodka, lemon liqueur, lemon juice, homemade lemon bitters, rose syrup), Dry Martini (gin, dry vermouth), and the signature Pejeng Sour (local herb-infused amaretto & peach liqueur, fresh lemon juice, homemade rosemary bitters, homemade sweet & spicy syrup).

That’s not all! Copper also features an extensive list of mocktails, cocktails, spirits, wines and champagnes available. Their bartenders will be happy to concoct a bespoke drink of your choice and preference.

Open Daily from 7am to 11pm.
+62 361 479 2888 | +62 813 3951 2571 | @copperubud


Best Cocktail Bar in Ubud - DUMBO 1

Those looking to have a drink or two can head over to DUMBO, the popular wood-fired Italian food hotspot in Ubud, where the venue’s ground floor, a bright and airy coffee lab by day that transforms into a cocktail bar by sundown. Come for the house blends and weekly single origins, manual brews and pour-overs by day and stay for the creative craft cocktails by night.

The cocktails at DUMBO are named after great albums of prominent artists, musicians and bands, concocted with only premium alcohol, quality fruits, juices, homemade cordials, syrups and bitters. Several must-tries at DUMBO include 3ft high & rising (pineapple sage martini), inspired by the song by American hip hop group De La Soul; sgt peppers (gin, burnt lemon, charred rosemary, pepper, coriander), inspired by The Beatles’ song; hello nasty (mojito x margarita: tequila, mint, lime, sugar) inspired by the Beastie Boys; remedy (gin, passion fruit, cucumber, basil, lime, tonic) inspired by Basement Jaxx; outlandos d’amour (apple lemongrass margarita: tequila, triple sec, lime); let it bleed (the elephant’s famous bloody mary + a double shot of vodka) inspired by the Rolling Stones; and so much more.

For the more serious cocktail connoisseur, DUMBO uses their own infusions, bitters, and cordials to mix up original creations like their “thousand islands old fashioned”, kemangi gimlet and pineapple sage martini; as well as having future classics on hand like their negroni sbagliato and manual brew mocha martini.

A bar menu offers crunchy polenta chips and polpette or seasonal antipasto platters with which to sip some Prosecco while you wait for your table in the restaurant.

Open daily from 5pm to 11pm
+62 812 3838 9993 | @dumbobali |

The Lair – Cocktail Bar in Ubud


As its name suggests, The Lair is a hidden bar tucked away out of sight. Located underneath the famous Campuhan Bridge, this cosy drinking den hangs on the edge of the ravine above the flowing waters of the Wos River. With its ‘primitive’ theme — think Jumanji (the original one) — the interiors are exotic and funky, with dim colours lighting the indoor plants, complimenting the thick jungle scenes visible directly from the deck.

The menus are just as eclectic: themed playing cards showing each dish or drink available. The cocktails, many of which are simply card numbers, cater to a wide range of tastes and flavours, with classics and signatures thrown into the mix. Concoctions include ‘No.3’, with dark rum, Campari and fresh lime juice; ‘No.10’ features Pepe Lopez tequila, fresh mango, lime juice, agave and mint leaves; and the heavier hitters are found on the face cards, King Card featuring ‘Old Bastard’, with blended scotch, white rum infused with spices, orange and angostura bitters.

You’ll find both large and small bites at The Lair, one of the newest bars in Ubud, whether it’s a nibble alongside your drink like Patatas Bravas, Trio Cheese Arancini, Foie Gras Sliders; to rich bites like the 12-Day Dry-Aged Duck and Rock Grilled Beef Rib Eye.

Open on Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm to 12am

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