Taru Pramana: Ambar Ubud Bar’s New Culture-Infused Cocktails

Taru Pramana: Ambar Ubud Bar’s New Culture-Infused Cocktails

Set upon the precipice of Ubud’s dramatic Ayung River valley, the suave cocktail destination Ambar presents an unbeatable vista over which to savour a tipple or two. Always aiming to elevate their bar game, the venue has launched a collection of eight new cocktails inspired by the wisdom of Bali’s ancient medicinal manuscript, the Lontar Taru Pramana

The Taru Pramana is the principle manuscript used by the Balian Usada, or Bali’s traditional healers, in which the healing properties of specific flowers, fruits, roots and leaves are recorded and passed down through the generations. This ancient knowledge has inspired Ambar’s Head Mixologist Adi Saputra, to create new cocktail recipes that channel the natural healing properties found across Bali’s thriving environment.

“For me, all plants can tell a fascinating story – they have special healing powers… As a botanist, I have noted this in my journal, allowing me to combine these plants in precise ways,” shares Adi. Each cocktail in the Taru Pramana collection has been meticulously crafted to embody the essence of health and tradition, an apt homage to Ubud itself with its name originating from the Balinese word ‘Ubad’, or medicine, after the area’s abundance of medicinal flora.

Ambar Ubud Bar invites guests to go on a unique cultural and wellness voyage through these new handcrafted cocktails, which, other than being delicious drinks, feature a distinct healing ingredient. ‘My Grandma’ infuses betel leaves and is Adi’s nostalgic reflection of the local tradition of ngingang (betel chewing); ‘Batur’s Lava’ showcases out the citric flavours of Kintamani tangerines, born from the fertile grounds of the Batur volcano. The immune-supporting qualities of the rich temuluwak, or Java ginger, bring life into ‘Temu Memories’; whilst a delectable dessert cocktail, ‘Monkey’s Guava’, features the handcrafted gomme of the guava leaf, brimming with benefits.

More cocktails await those curious to discover a new aspect of Bali through every sip of the Taru Pramana collection. With its serene clifftop perch overlooking the Ayung River, settle into Ambar for a sophisticated cocktail experience, complemented by Japanese fusion delicacies, stunning sunsets and live jazz.

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