The Bali Restaurant and Café Association: Growing Bali’s Dining Scene Together

The Bali Restaurant and Café Association: Growing Bali’s Dining Scene Together
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Without a doubt, the food and beverage scene in Bali has become a tourist draw in its own right. From local cuisine to daytime cafés and fine dining restaurants, the island is abuzz with enticing culinary experiences at all scales. Still, Bali is yet to be officially recognised for its excellence, though many would argue it certainly deserves it. In response, the industry has banded together, creating the Bali Restaurant and Café Association (BRCA) to improve together through cooperation, sharing and networking. 

The goals of the association are clear: to make Bali a world-class culinary destination. But, as the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, a lot of their current efforts are focused on ensuring that industry standards are at a high level across the board and that every member is doing its part to be a socially equitable, environmentally friendly and community-conscious business.

Alone, this may seem a daunting task for any restaurateur, but that is the beauty of the association: it acts as a hub for knowledge, advice and collaboration. 

One of the main focuses has been on sustainability, a challenge that Bali as a whole has been faced with. In the food and beverage industry, questions arise on how to effectively manage waste, how to reduce water and energy usage, how to source sustainably, and how to dispose of food waste responsibly. The association is built upon a culture of sharing and thus very readily provides contacts for solutions providers found in Bali.

On that note, in 2024 the BRCA entered a partnership with Eco Tourism Bali, a social organisation that provides a Sustainable Guideline and Verification System. Through this partnership, all BRCA members are given access to the assessment created by Eco Tourism Bali, helping businesses gauge where they stand in sustainability and what steps are needed to improve. This is one of the many tools that the association provides as added value for its members.

For new restaurateurs, a huge advantage is learning from seasoned business owners on the island. Advice on staffing, sourcing, legal and tax situations is shared openly through networking with these professionals and can be incredibly comforting to have a group that provides invaluable guidance.

Members meet every month over an exclusive luncheon event, but these go beyond simply wining and dining. The new format introduced in 2024 includes insightful presentations and roundtable talks with selected organisations or members sharing information on the latest developments or movements in food and beverage, advice on team or kitchen management and of course sustainability efforts. Furthermore, sustainability partners are present at the events to share the amazing solutions directly with those joining.


The association is built on the idea that this crucial industry can only move forward when everyone works together. Moving forward, this group can promote Bali through the specific lens of dining, and lobby together for international recognition. 

The BRCA Board has grown in 2024, accounting for the ambitious plans the association has. They include: Kertawidyawati (President), Min Siah (Vice President), Weni Ariasty (Treasurer); Jane Fischer, Raphael Maingot and Cynthia Louise (Sustainability); Winnie Adriaty, Heru Soesilo, Kartika Pancawati and Axelia Christy (PR & Marketing). The board is made up of volunteer members offering their particular expertise to the association and its members.

For restaurateurs looking to join, or indeed suppliers and providers of sustainability solutions for the industry, head to the Bali Restaurant and Café Association (BRCA) website to find out how to join:

Instagram: @balirca

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