Ayodya Resort Bali Welcomes New Kids Water Slide & Splash Pad, Trampoline & Ayodya Swing

Ayodya Resort Bali Welcomes New Kids Water Slide & Splash Pad, Trampoline & Ayodya Swing

Ayodya Resort Bali is thrilled to announce the addition of new facilities, enhancing a memorable holiday experience for its guests. Situated in Nusa Dua, this 5-star resort assures an enchanting stay where guests can immerse themselves in an idyllic retreat by the beach. Known for its classical Balinese atmosphere and direct beachfront access, the resort has added three new reasons for holidaying families to stay.

Through its architectural design and cultural motifs, the resort pays homage to the legendary kingdom of Ayodya as depicted in the Ramayana. Wandering through the doors of the resort, guests will encounter echoes of Bali’s famed water palaces incorporated with modern amenities and luxurious touches. Outside of its classical design, Ayodya Resort Bali’s many facilities make it a great destination for holiday-makers on the island, featuring numerous facilities and experiences catering to younger visitors.

The latest introductions to the resort certainly cement its reputation as a family-friendly resort. Firstly, with the all-new Kids Water Slide & Splash Pad, the resort’s youngest guests can spend endless hours playing and splashing. Moreover, the introduction of a trampoline playground allows guests to jump around and stay active. Interactive elements and colourful designs ensure a vibrant and secure play area. Be sure to check out the Camp Ananda Kids Club, where the resort offers a world of fun activities and games, encouraging children to explore.

Feel the gentle sea breeze as you sway at the newly launched Ayodya Swing, located in Ayodya Garden. Look out over the Indian Ocean while you’re surrounded by palm trees and enjoy a delightful and memorable time. That’s not all; the resort is also equipped with an infinity pool, a main pool, a traditional open-aired Balinese amphitheatre, a 24-hour opened gym and a Sutowo Mini Golf to add a dash of excitement to your stay.

If you’re seeking to embark on a resort full of facilities and opportunities to relax explore the many offerings at Ayodya Resort Bali.

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