eBikes Bali: Touring Ubud and Beyond on Electric Bicycles

eBikes Bali: Touring Ubud and Beyond on Electric Bicycles

One of the best ways to experience rural Bali is on a bicycle: faster than exploring on foot, but nimble enough to take you through small village roads and farm paths. Making such an adventure accessible to more people, eBikes Bali invites guests to jump on an electric bicycle and head to some of the most iconic destinations in and around Ubud.

A cross between a motorcycle and bicycle, the electric bike is the best of both worlds. Whilst you’re still given the experience of pedalling through paddy fields, the semi-motorised vehicle means longer trails and tougher uphill slopes become a really breeze, and allows you to have a more leisurely cycle in the great outdoors. This makes these Ubud cycling tours accessible for all ages as well, great for whole families. 

With this ease of transportation, eBikes Bali offers two different tours, each to an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. One is the famous Ceking Rice Terraces of Tegallalang, the other is the ancient water temple of Tirta Empul, Tampak Siring. Of course, these bike tours are more than just their destination, the journeys there are just as important, taking guests deep into rural Bali life, exploring quaint backroad villages and traversing beautifully verdant farmlands that are truly the heart of Bali.

Ubud to Tegallalang Rice Terraces 


This half-day tour starts in Ubud and travels north to the majestic rice terraces of Tegallalang, winding through spectacular scenery along the way. The journey there is uphill but the amazing electric bicycles will do all that work for you! Once you’ve arrived, you can take in the amazing views of the dramatic rice terraces that have made this such a popular destination. 

On the return you have the choice of where to visit next.  One choice is to visit a traditional Balinese family home where you will meet a Balinese family and see what the traditional life in a Balinese compound is like.  The second choice is to go to a luwak coffee plantation for a free coffee sampling.  Also available here (at additional cost) is the famous Bali swing on which you are launched out over the rice terraces. The tour finishes with a delicious lunch or dinner. This Ubud cycling tour is available twice a day: the morning tour starts at 9am and the afternoon tour starts at 3pm. The tour takes about 3 hours.

Ubud to Tirta Empul Water Temple


One of the most important religious sites on the island, Pura Tirta Empul is a holy spring temple found in Tampak Siring and is where many Balinese Hindu will go to perform their melukat purification ritual. Built in 962 AD by one of Bali’s ancient kings, this thousand year old temple is a true historical treasure.

As grand as the temple is, getting there is half the fun with the eBike Bali tour. You’ll cycle through rice terraces and local villages, visit temples and witness the incredible subak water irrigation system that is so unique to Bali’s rice fields. You’ll also make a stop at a local Balinese home to see how a local Balinese person lives. The tour finishes at Tirta Empul with a delicious lunch, and then you are free to explore the temple grounds. This Ubud cycling tour is available once a a day and starts at 8am. This tour takes about 3 hours.

These eBikes tours are handled by professional local guides, all of whom are English-speaking and are incredibly knowledgeable about Balinese culture and environment. They certainly elevate the experience, providing insight into the many things you will see during the cycling tour. Better yet, they’ll also take pictures along the way, meaning you’ll be able to take home special mementos of your day exploring Ubud.

Though there are set routes, eBikes Bali endeavours to make each tour as interactive as possible, and so they can vary from day-to-day. If you’re joining a tour during the rice harvest season, you can stop and participate in the padi fields; if its kite season, you’ll stop and watch as Bali’s unique kites go airborne; and if you’re really lucky, a ceremony may be taking place! It’s the personal interactions, be it with local farmers or village residents, that make each tour more meaningful. 

Again, the electric bicycles make this cycling tour, and thus these real Bali experiences, accessible to a wide range of people. You can pedal as little or as much as you want: this means you can use it with no electrical assist (like a push bike) or only electrical assist (like a motorbike) or anywhere in between. Bikes are full-sized 26” mountain bikes, and there is a 150cm height requirement. There’s no minimum or maximum age, and the tours have been enjoyed by guests in their 70’s.

Explore the gorgeous Ubud surrounds, iconic destinations and the many charms of Bali’s countryside along the way with eBikes Bali.

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