LOST LINDENBERG: A Hidden Retreat Amidst the Lush Jungles of West Bali

Globetrotters visiting Bali might be privy to the popular areas of the island such as the bustling south, however, Bali’s western coast offers an unspoiled beauty that has flown under the radar to most visitors. While most might be more familiar with the island of Menjangan when one thinks of West Bali, the serene and untouched coastal town of Medewi is renowned as a surfer’s paradise that offers no less beauty to explore. The newly opened LOST LINDENBERG presents another reason to make that drive to Bali’s west coast.


The latest venture from LINDENBERG, a Frankfurt hospitality company established in 2012 by Denise Omurca and Nils Jansen, LOST LINDENBERG is the company’s fifth project and the first to open in Indonesia, marking it as the only LINDENBERG property outside of Germany thus far. Continuing the tradition of their previous concepts, LOST emphasises collective guest experiences, who are encouraged to mingle and convene in the property’s communal spaces.

The Journey to LOST


The journey to the west coastline of Bali will take you through winding roads, passing roadside warungs and honking moped drivers, along the lush palm forests and thrashing waves in the distance, where you’ll discover a new tropical sanctuary hidden amidst the quiet village of Pekutatan. Tucked away from Bali’s garish mass tourism, LOST LINDENBERG is a brand-new guest collective that boasts a communal-focused accommodation that feels like a home away from home.

Officially opening its doors on 15 July 2022, LOST LINDENBERG welcomes guests to surf waves at sunrise against the backdrop of pristine black lava sand, indulge in laidback downtime at the open-plan communal spaces, calming yoga sessions under the pergola, and mesmerising sunset bonfire on the beach, laze in the swimming pool with refreshing self-harvested coconuts, rejuvenate with an aromatic massage in the jungle spa, and revel in sumptuous plant-based dinners at the restaurant’s long table, mingling and exchanging stories with other guests.

Arriving at the destination, it’s easy to miss the entrance as there’s no obvious signage at the front, merely a small plank with a logo – but that’s part of the allure, to get “lost” in LOST LINDENBERG. Driving through a clearing, you’ll be welcomed with a huge mural wall with neon signs, brightly illuminated at night, advertising holiday pleasures in giant letters that might seem more fitting for Las Vegas than Bali. Yet, the contrast in what lies beyond is what makes it so unique. A small built-in door, hidden to the naked eye, opens to verdant jungle environs, where a narrow path winds amongst tropical foliage before reaching a landscape of impressive architectural treehouses.

The Rooms and Facilities


Inspired by the treehouse concept, LOST features eight impeccably designed rooms, perched above the treetops of the West Bali palm jungle, nestled along the glistening black lava sand beach. LOST offers rooms in two different types divided spread over four treehouses with two rooms each. The two Ocean Panorama Suites enjoy a front row position that looks directly out to the ocean, while six Jungle Panorama Suites grant guests enchanting views of the surrounding jungles and temples. Each room enjoys 45 sqm of space, all decorated with contemporary art, sustainable linen bedding, custom-made Gaya ceramics, air conditioning and spacious bathrooms.

When it comes to the dining experience, guests are invited to convene at the restaurant to make conversation with other guests at the seven-metre-long wooden table over sumptuous meals. The philosophy behind the culinary concept at LOST celebrates nature with its seasonal and local flavours, implementing a plant-based approach to comforting Balinese home cooking with western influences. The dishes are prepared using ingredients cultivated at LOST or locally sourced from neighbouring organic permacultures. The communal bar and lounge welcome guests to kick back and relax on the cosy sofas with classic long drinks, local kombuchas and seasonal cocktails, and jump in the adjoining swimming pool. If you’re a fan of vinyl records, the bar houses an impressive collection of classic vinyl records and a turntable.

Tucked amongst LOST’s jungle, guests will find a place of tranquillity in the small charming spa, built in the style of a gladak, the traditional wooden houses originally used for storing crops. Offering Balinese and bamboo massages, treatments take inspiration from local rituals and aromatherapy, imbuing the spa with scents of chamomile, lavender, lemongrass and bergamot.

The Architectural and Interior Design


The masterminds behind LOST’s architecture are Alexis Dornier and Studio Jencquel in a collaborative effort to create a unique and dreamy escape amidst the mystical jungle. The structure is built alongside tall coconut trees, while the staggered towers are connected by a Highline, an elevated walkway that leads you towards the ocean. LOST is designed with distinct attention to detail, highlighting the traditional contrasted by exaggerations using dominating materials of sustainably-sourced wood in an array of patterns and directions, while the floors are adorned with Bali green stone and brass incorporated to accent the entire composition.

In addition to designing several of its architectural elements, Studio Jencquel also designed the interior concept. The interiors boast a warm and cosy ambience, incorporating linen fabrics, lava stone, a tropical hardwood, burnt teak and river stones. The bathroom features wooden blinds, while the panoramic windows grant guests a vista of the ocean and jungle. The furniture, lamps ceramic tableware and a majority of the accessories in LOST were custom-designed by Studio Jencquel.

The landscape architecture has been carefully thought out to present a tropical sanctuary, where a plethora of plants and trees are planted, from heliconias, ferns Bodhi trees, banana trees, Banyan trees, and Majapahit trees, Baobab trees, Pule trees, bromeliads, among others. Within the forest, you’ll discover a mossy rock-turned fountain, a meditation bench by a shrine, an enclosed garden where guests can listen to and ready poetry by Artur Becker, and a majestic Pule tree in the centre.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Striving to be as environmentally friendly and low-waste as possible, LOST utilises solar panels to supply the property with energy, while fruits and vegetables are sourced from their own permaculture. Products in the rooms including soaps and toiler paper are produced regionally and fairly. LINDENBERG also founded the LOST BUNCH, an educational programme with local surfers to support, encourage and provide new prospects for children and young adults. The programme combines surfing lessons with classes in subjects including English, sustainability and hospitality with the goal of providing new opportunities for them in the future.

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Jl. Ngurah Rai, Pekutatan, Kabupaten Jembrana, Bali

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