Ubud Food Festival’s Unmissable Masterclasses and Special Dining Events

The Ubud Food Festival (UFF) is set to fire up once again from 31 May to 2 June 2024, with this year’s central Food Market opening up for free entry and welcoming foodies to sip, savour and mingle at the festival’s heart, Taman Kuliner. Of course, this is just one aspect of UFF, as all around Ubud different events will be taking place at partner venues.

This year’s programme is as eclectic as ever, featuring a long list of visiting guest chefs, live cooking demonstrations, food tours, workshops, a sustainability forum and special dining events.

These offer an opportunity for participants to dive deeper into a particular food-focused interest, meet a specific industry hero or indulge in the creations of a spectacular kitchen collaboration. Here we share some of the highlights, inviting you to explore the variety of events on the UFF 2024 programme:-

Sustainability Forum

This year, UFF 2024 partners up with The Bali Restaurant and Café Association to create ‘The Sustainability Forum, which invites industry professionals keen to discover the latest practices, movements and initiatives in eco-friendly practices. 

Taking place all day at Indus Restaurant on 31 May 2024, this is a real education in food waste, sustainable restaurant communities, eco-friendly food packaging and more, with guest speakers presenting the latest in the field.

Open Kitchen

Another new format introduced for UFF 2024 is the Open Kitchen Masterclasses, taking place at Mozaic’s all-new Chef’s Table dining room. A different class and experience available every day! 

Expect an exclusive up-close-and-personal experience in this glossy designer kitchen where leading culinary stars will take you through specific skills or dishes. Chef Blake Thornely dissects one of Mozaic’s most popular dishes; ESA’s Chef Aditya Mustika teaches restaurant-style sauces; learn step-by-step how to make NZ Chef Zennon Wiljen’s renowned Aged Duck with Macadia dish; renowned pastry Chef Gunawan Wu uncovers the secrets of making unconventional desserts like the Kimchi Macaron.

Special Events

If you’re looking for extraordinary lunches, one-of-a-kind kitchen collabs or unique cocktail experiences, then UFF 2024’s ‘Special Events’ is what you need to browse. This is where both flavours and stories come alive, with guest chefs cooking in Ubud’s top dining venues.

To discover the richness of Indonesian cuisine, you’ll find Cerita Rasa Suvarnadvipa: Muarajambi Feast at Casa Luna, where Chef Wira, Helianti Hilman, and indigenous women from 8 communities will present a jungle feast of unique native ingredients and authentic dishes cooked in traditional clay pots. Or join Kevindra Soemantri, the author of Jakarta: A Dining History, on an engaging panel discussion on ‘The Rise of New Indonesian Cuisine’ exploring the burgeoning trend of new generation Indonesian cuisine, all whilst savouring traditional snacks and afternoon tea at Amandari.

If you’re after a classy evening of wining and dining, then head to Aperitif where visiting New Zealand chefs Nick Honeyman and Zennon Wijlens (Paris Butter, Auckland) join chef the all-star team at Aperitif for ‘A Night in Paris’; or sip on award-winning cocktails at Ambar at Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Reserve, who welcome Hong Kong’s acclaimed mixologists and visionaries hailing from Indonesia, Agung and Laura Prabowo, with the World’s 50 Best Bar Penicillin Takeover.

That’s not all, UFF 2024 has immersive Food Tours, free events, panels and cooking demonstrations, a wide variety of specialised workshops (food watercolour painting, food writing) and an evening programme of entertainment and films.

Make sure to check out the full programme now at and secure your reservations for any special events.

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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