‘MYTHOS: Re-Imagining the Myths of Our Homeland’ Exhibition by Cakravala

From 26 August – 16 September, the Indonesian art platform Cakravala will be presenting a group art exhibition at TITIK Dua Ubud, titled ‘Mythos: Reimagining the Myths of Our Homeland’.

Storytelling plays a vital role in Indonesian culture. Originating as an oral tradition, storytellers narrated folktales and mythological figures which were then passed down through generations. From Keong Emas to Malin Kundang, each myth exists to unveil hidden histories and shed light on a collective memory — shaping the identity of our islands and informs us about our political ambitions.

Soaked in mist and magic, ‘MYTHOS’ is an exhibition that presents a new illustrated mythology of Indonesia. Brought to life through the works of emerging artists, they delve into our history through language and literature.

The exhibition includes works from Naomi Samara, I Made Ananda Krisna, Kei Kusuma, Agung Pramana, Nugi Ketut, Putu Surya Dharma Putra, Wahyu Suntoon and Rama Indirawan.

Opening day event: Starting at 4.30pm on 26 August 2023. Join the special opening experience which will feature a short film screening of ‘Sintren Saves the Village’ by Wahyu Sontoon; also performances by Putu Septa & Nata Swara; as well as Mimi Korompis.

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Jl. Cok Rai Pudok No. 48,
Ubud, Bali 80571

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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