Kudapan: John Hardy Seminyak’s New Weekend Delights

John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak has unveiled its newest food and beverage programme: Kudapan, a traditional afternoon tea with a John Hardy twist that will enliven your weekend with delectable delights.

Kudapan: John Hardy Seminyak’s New Weekend Delights

The year-end season in Bali always brings with it unpredictable weather, a moment of clear sunny skies can instantly turn into stormy clouds, something we’ve been experiencing on the island these last few weeks. However, John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak isn’t letting the rainy season stop them from offering exciting experiences to guests and their brand-new Kudapan programme has been specially created to substitute their popular Sunset Picnic programme.

Available every Friday to Sunday from 2pm to 5pm, Kudapan welcomes guests on a lovely and leisurely weekend in its tranquil setting. Kudapan offers a unique culinary experience with its take on the classic afternoon tea with a wide range of Indonesian-inspired bites crafted by Chef Tomy and the culinary artisans at John Hardy Kitchen using the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. Chef Tomy drew inspiration from the local ingredients and the indigenous food culture of Indonesia, presenting guests with a journey through the archipelago’s rich history and culture.

Kudapan John Hardy 2
John Hardy Biskuit

Kudapan starts with their “Biskuit”, followed by a series of savoury bites and a surprise palate cleanser to prepare you for the sweet treats from the Hung Kwee collection. The John Hardy ‘Biskuit’, inspired by the cookies shared during Lebaran, serves up four types of cookies using sesame seed and coconut-based cookies dusted with palm sugar, chocolate and desiccated coconut. These cookies are Gula Aren, topped with chocolate from Tabanan and Balinese palm sugar; Bulan, a Moon-shaped biscuit dusted with fine sugar; Kelapa, ball-shaped and covered with desiccated coconut; and Taluh, a rounded biscuit with organic egg wash.

Moving on to the Savoury bites, guests will be served Ikan Arak, betel leaf tempura made with Arak-based batter, topped with local sashimi grade tuna, “belimbing wuluh”, shallot and fermented balado sauce; Roti Bakar, their take on the street food classic, using Balinese herb infused milk bread, creamy homemade hollandaise, smoked Garfish sambal and local beef; Kembang Goyang, a flower-shaped coconut cracker stuffed with cultured coconut cream; and Otak Otak, mackerel and fermented coconut curd cake, wrapped with banana leaves and grilled in an open fire.

For the sweet treats, the Hung Kwee is a Chinese influence on Indonesia’s traditional Jelly sweets made from mung bean flour. The Hung Kwee offers Asam Jawa, tamarind and Balinese palm sugar cooked with hung kwee flour; Classic, homemade fresh coconut cream and hung kwee flour; and Coklat Kacang, Indonesia’s favourite combination for dessert chocolate mixed with hung kwee flour.

John Hardy 7 Hung Kwee
Hung Kwee

Priced at IDR 225,000++ per person, inclusive of the whole set of Kudapan Menu that is served in sequence starting with John Hardy ‘Biskuit’, followed by Savoury and Hung Kwee sweets, with a couple of surprise bites in between. Guests can enjoy Kudapan at the venue’s Long Table setting or at the cosy Jamu Bar.

For more information or reservations, please call +62 811 3811 8003 or email

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