The 14 Best Beaches In Uluwatu, Bali

I’ve been meaning to put together an Uluwatu beach guide for awhile now, because this area of Bali has some of the best beaches on the whole island. Uluwatu beaches are known for their white sand, blue waves, impressive sea cliffs, perfect sunsets, and top quality surfing. The only place in Bali where you might […]


18 Best Waterfalls Near Ubud Bali

Ubud may be better known for culture and temples than for waterfalls, but there are a bunch of nice Ubud waterfalls too. A lot of the best waterfalls in Ubud are located in the nearby Gianyar and Bangli areas of Bali, Indonesia, but most of these can still be reached in less than 30 minutes […]


37 Best Waterfalls In Bali Indonesia

Thanks to Bali’s tropical climate and mountains, there are dozens of natural waterfalls to see on the island, and most of the best Bali waterfalls are easy to reach from popular areas like Ubud. Some of the best waterfall hikes in Bali are well known tourist spots, while others are hidden gems with no people. […]


Indonesia Travel Guide

Cycling can be a great way to explore Indonesia. It is a tremendous way to tour the countryside at a controlled pace. The people that you meet along the way will make your trip even more memorable. Biking has always been popular with tourists on Bali. Unfortunately, most roads are too narrow for bikers and cars, so […]


Best Places To Visit In Indonesia

Believe it or not, many of the best places to visit in Indonesia are still practically unknown to tourists. There are more than 17,000 beautiful Indonesian islands and most of them are still waiting to be traveled. Everyone goes to Bali, which is a wonderful island for vacation (don’t get me wrong), but it’s been […]