4 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Largest Foul Smelling Flower

Largest foul smelling flower

Everyone has heard of Rafflessia Arnoldia often known as ‘corpse lily’. The foul odor doesn’t fade the popularity of the largest flower in the world. You can spot these flowers in the rainforest as a combination of red and orange petals. It grows for up to 3 feet and can weigh for more than 10 Kms. 

Home to more than 100 endangered species

Indonesia is known to be a lost world of Asia. It has become a playing ground for exotic, beautiful, rare, and extinct animals. For example, the Komodo Dragon, the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Orang-utans, Peafowl, the Tarsius Tarsier, the anoa, etc. 

Home to more than 100 dialects and languages

You will be shocked to see the number of dialects and languages in the Indonesian archipelago. Bahasa is the official language of this country but there are more than hundreds of languages and dialects that people of Indonesia practice in their daily lives. 

Largest volcanic lake on earth 

Largest Volcanic Lake

The beauty of Indonesia also includes the largest volcanic lake on earth Lake Toba. It is located inside the supervolcano in northern Sumatra. The 500-meter deep lake is enormous and 30 km wide. It is known to be the largest erosive eruption that exists on the planet.