Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa Presents a Luxurious Gateway to Komodo Island

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa Presents a Luxurious Gateway to Komodo Island

Gracefully nestled in a secluded enclave on Waecicu Beach, Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa is a stunning beachfront oasis that provides adventurous globetrotters with a luxurious entryway to discover the beauty of Komodo National Park off the beaten path.

Set off on a voyage across the enchanting archipelagic tapestry of Flores and explore a realm of breathtaking landscapes and wonders of nature from Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa. The resort is an opulent retreat for sun-kissed days of pure relaxation and thrilling adventures in one of Indonesia’s most gorgeous and unspoiled regions.

Island Adventures and Experiences

Blessed with direct access to the tranquil waters of Waecicu Beach, Plataran Komodo offers guests various astonishing experiences in nature. Guests can explore the underwater gardens and discover the thriving marine ecosystem, marvelling at the hidden statues beneath the crystal-clear waters adorning the diverse aquamarine life with the Island Snorkelling Experience.

In addition to admiring the beautiful coral formations from the private jetty area while snorkelling and glass kayaking, guests can actively contribute to enriching coral abundance by partaking in the coral planting activities offered at Plataran Komodo, the Unite for Coral Planting’s Serenade.

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Beyond the underwater exploration, Plataran Komodo offers guests the chance to venture across stunning landscapes, inviting guests to embark on a trekking journey through lush forests where the melodies of birds chirping accompany you along the way with the Lost Paradise experience. Along the way, guests will come across captivating spots such as a natural pond, a sunken yacht, Rumah Wae Rebo (representative of Mbaru Ngiang, a traditional house), and mangrove plants.

Comfortable Stay at Luxurious Accommodations

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Following a day of exploration, guests will surely want a cosy abode to retreat to and Plataran Komodo’s comfortable and contemporary yet heritage-inspired residences await. Each spacious residences feature a king-sized bed, a comfy living room, plush sofas, and a fully equipped bathroom, presenting guests with accommodations with home-like comfort. The residences also grant guests breathtaking sunset views and starry skies right just right outside the doors.

Guests can enjoy a hassle-free stay at Plataran Komodo as they will be well-attended by the provision of a private butler, ready to curate bespoke services and personalised itineraries according to guests’ needs and preferences. Moreover, the private butler will initiate pre-arrival arrival contact, ensuring meticulous preparations from guests’ arrival until their departure.

The Trail of National Parks Adventure

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As the idyllic starting point to Komodo National Park, Plataran Komodo is an integral aspect of the brand’s Trail of National Parks stay experience alongside Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa and Plataran Bromo Resort & Venue, all located in conservations areas of Indonesia. The Trail of National Parks package comprises a total of 8 nights’ stay throughout the three resorts. In this journey, guests will enjoy a 3-day and 2-night stay at Plataran Komodo, featuring a traditional Manggarai BBQ dinner, accompanied by the traditional Caci Dance performance, and the traditional Rangkuk Alu game.

After their stay at Plataran Komodo, guests will continue the experience with a stay at Plataran Menjangan, located in the West Bali National Park area, and concluding with a stay at Plataran Bromo, located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area.

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Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa
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