Executive Chef Daryl Wonorahardjo Influences Circularity and Sustainability at Desa Potato Head

It takes a village to raise, in this case, an Executive Chef! Jakarta-born Daryl Wonorahardo leads the culinary troops over at Desa Potato Head (i.e. ‘Potato Head Village’) as the Executive Chef, overseeing the impressive collection of restaurants at this all-encompassing lifestyle destination. His skills in the culinary world go beyond the kitchen, championing circularity and sustainability in the food and beverage industry. 

Chef Daryl’s formal education was in bioengineering, spending nine years in Melbourne to master this field. Though trading in the lab coat for a kitchen apron, this background has shaped his unique science-based approach to cuisine and developed a knack for experimentation when it comes to technique, process and flavour. As such, Chef Daryl began his journey at Desa Potato Head back in 2018 with the opening of Ijen, Indonesia’s first zero-waste restaurant, serving up a delicious spread of fresh seafood offerings. This was the perfect entry-point as his degree informed strategic ways to create sustainable dishes, ensuring ethical and responsible sourcing, such as using only line-caught fish, and innovating ways to repurpose what was considered ‘waste foods’ into new creations, such as processing fish bones into flavour enhancers. When it came to output, new systems were developed to ensure minimal environmental footprint, such as waste separation and efficient food waste protocols. His vision thus transcended the individual restaurant and saw food as part of an ecosystem effecting the wider community and environment.

The work that Chef Daryl employed at Ijen embodied Desa Potato Head’s overall ethos and has since become a key part of Desa Potato Head’s food and beverage program across their different venues, from the authentic Indonesian restaurant Kaum, to the Beach Club and the recently opened natural food and wine bar, Dome. So, not only can guests enjoy a superb dining experience, they can do so with a clear conscience knowing that everything has been sourced and/or disposed of in the most conscious way possible.

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